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Ref: Dan (mentioned yesterday)-First appearance | Dan-Last Seen | Main Building & Garage | “Locked up”.

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References Monday!

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Continued from last week!

Comic for 01/14/2011

Ref: Mark 19.

Comic for 01/21/2011Comic for 01/21/2011Comic for 01/21/2011

Ref: "Torg's been Located!" | FR-ech.

UPDATE: Here I am thinking the “four elements” were universal. I was just schooled on the traditional Chinese five elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal, which would be a more obvious choice for Daiyu to reference! Had I known I would have had to scrap the joke (with a touch of seriousness… I mean, fire breathing ducks=Certain DOOM) so I’ll just pretend Daiyu was schooled someplace where they were all about the fire, air, water and earth. You should too!

Comic for 01/22/2011

Either you get this one or you don't.

Comic for 01/24/2011

OK, technically today's comic is made up of the exact comics from March 10th and March 18th, 2010. All the information in these comics are pertinent to the story and instead of finding a way to retell the same information it was just better on all counts to rerun them in this story.

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Reynold Strom (Nash Straw) Ref: The Job | The Bod | The Tickedness.

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Ref: Photo.

Comic for 02/10/2011

Refs: #36 | #37 | "Dr. Dee".

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Recommended Reading (in case you haven't or need a catch up.  Heck, it's a good read!)
-4U City Gray (Aka "758449", yeah i'm thinking of changing the title!)
-A 4U City Christmas (Nothing actually pertinent here, but to be inclusive...)
-4U City Green
-4U City Blue

Ref: The incidents around "The Massacre at 4U Central Tower".

Comic for 02/23/2011Comic for 02/23/2011

Ref: Rammer.

Comic for 03/21/2011Comic for 03/21/2011Comic for 03/21/2011

Refs: 'Our' McPinata | Torg Tracking Device (last panel) | Wrench-Bot | Riff has Rammer's Pendantech (1) (2)

The first Pendantech was provided by Rammer for Riff. Riff addapted the design into the Pendabots used in his revolutionary "freedom kits"

Comic for 04/11/2011

Ref: When last we left off, there was an explosion....

Comic for 04/25/2011Comic for 04/25/2011Comic for 04/25/2011

A sample of "Historical Documentation" from Riff's home dimension.

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Ref flashbacks: (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Ref: Dumpster.

Comic for 04/30/2011

Ref: For those of you who have forgotten "Teddy Weddy"...

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Secret Coded Message: Panel 8- wink&nod - Michael S. & Son

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