Comic for 10/12/2007

OK those with sharp eyes out there will notice that the lattice appeared to break away a stick at a time, but today it appears to have ripped down like it was made out of one sheet of paper. It was just me being sloppy and thinking I had a quick fix for having to draw a lot of teeny tiny broken cardboard sticks. I should probably go back and fix it someday.... Shrug.

Comic for 10/19/2007Comic for 10/19/2007Comic for 10/19/2007Comic for 10/19/2007

Handy reference on Monica meeting Bun-bun! Also -5 points to anyone hearing the music to "Come On Eileen" when Torg says "come on, Aylee".

Comic for 10/22/2007

Warning: there is no assurance of quality for the next 7 days. You have been warned.

Stick-Figures in Spaaaaaace

Stick-Figures in Spaaaaaace 2 

Comic for 10/30/2007

When last we saw Jane...

Comic for 11/04/2007

This “Sketch Sunday” was me “sketching” (playing) with a wacom tablet. It’s intentionally very dark so I apologize to people who can’t make enough of it out.

Comic for 11/08/2007

Handy-link System: Gwynn gives Jane monkeys. | Jane mentions monkey training brother. | The first Monkeys=Breast Joke Of Many? (not sure) | The last Monkeys=Breast Joke Of Many? (not sure)

Comic for 11/18/2007

This was two panels from Jeff Smith’s Bone comic where I cleverly switched the characters out for Kiki and Bun-bun(s)! Clever me! It’s actually my daughter’s favorite two panels from the whole saga and my homage made her laugh but if you don’t happen to know about Bone you’ll probably just be scratching your head. It gets my happy thumb’s up!

Comic for 12/04/2007

INSIDE JOKE ALERT: Happy Birthday yesterday to Joe Sunday who one expertly won a hand of Apples to Apples by playing his Darth Vader card on the adjective “Pungent.” I will never forget that day!

Comic for 12/14/2007Comic for 12/14/2007Comic for 12/14/2007Comic for 12/14/2007Comic for 12/14/2007Comic for 12/14/2007

As a helpful timeline guide, a few seconds and a tombstone duck and weave would bring us chronologically from this comic to here!

Comic for 01/05/2008

Today's art created for you by Erica Henderson! YAY!

Comic for 01/11/2008Comic for 01/11/2008Comic for 01/11/2008

Digbots do like their nooks.

Comic for 01/12/2008

Today's art created for you by Erica Henderson! Her sketchblog is at: "" and may (does at the moment) contain adult content. I think Erica may be trying to corrupt my wholesome Sluggy audience, but I am powerless in her presence! You have been warned.