Comic for 03/11/2008

Today’s art is an emergency filler sketch by Pete that he wasn’t going to use because “the monkeys look funny” but with his entire household under the weather, “whaddaya gonna do?”

Comic for 03/16/2008

I didn't mention in the strip, but FYI, Fleur plays a “Cliquer” position in the national leagues.

Comic for 03/19/2008Comic for 03/19/2008

FYI: This is technically half a Sunday-style comic. The second half will appear tomorrow!

Comic for 04/09/2008

(Yes, this is a filler strip. I'm sooo ashamed.)

Comic for 04/11/2008

OK the “Running with Scissors” is an obvious Weird Al ref, but here’s a link anywho!

Comic for 04/17/2008Comic for 04/17/2008

Original Q.H. Ref Link!

Comic for 05/04/2008

This shouldn’t even NEED a ref-link, but I’m finding myself surprised how often I’m wrong about that!

Comic for 05/11/2008

We’re finally back to sketches by Erica Henderson! Yay! Now instead of asking why Zoë is lounging around in her underwear (and hearing the resounding “does there need to be a reason?”) I think I figured it out! That was the only way to get Riff and Bun-bun to give up the only chair in the joint!