Comic for 01/06/2011Comic for 01/06/2011

Ref: Dan (mentioned yesterday)-First appearance | Dan-Last Seen | Main Building & Garage | “Locked up”.

Comic for 01/07/2011Comic for 01/07/2011

References Monday!

Comic for 01/08/2011Comic for 01/08/2011

Continued from last week!

Comic for 01/14/2011

Ref: Mark 19.

Comic for 01/21/2011Comic for 01/21/2011Comic for 01/21/2011

Ref: "Torg's been Located!" | FR-ech.

UPDATE: Here I am thinking the “four elements” were universal. I was just schooled on the traditional Chinese five elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal, which would be a more obvious choice for Daiyu to reference! Had I known I would have had to scrap the joke (with a touch of seriousness… I mean, fire breathing ducks=Certain DOOM) so I’ll just pretend Daiyu was schooled someplace where they were all about the fire, air, water and earth. You should too!

Comic for 01/22/2011

Either you get this one or you don't.

Comic for 01/24/2011

OK, technically today's comic is made up of the exact comics from March 10th and March 18th, 2010. All the information in these comics are pertinent to the story and instead of finding a way to retell the same information it was just better on all counts to rerun them in this story.

Comic for 01/26/2011Comic for 01/26/2011Comic for 01/26/2011

Reynold Strom (Nash Straw) Ref: The Job | The Bod | The Tickedness.

Comic for 02/01/2011

Ref: Photo.

Comic for 02/10/2011

Refs: #36 | #37 | "Dr. Dee".

Comic for 02/15/2011

Recommended Reading (in case you haven't or need a catch up.  Heck, it's a good read!)
-4U City Gray (Aka "758449", yeah i'm thinking of changing the title!)
-A 4U City Christmas (Nothing actually pertinent here, but to be inclusive...)
-4U City Green
-4U City Blue

Ref: The incidents around "The Massacre at 4U Central Tower".

Comic for 02/23/2011Comic for 02/23/2011

Ref: Rammer.

Comic for 03/21/2011Comic for 03/21/2011Comic for 03/21/2011

Refs: 'Our' McPinata | Torg Tracking Device (last panel) | Wrench-Bot | Riff has Rammer's Pendantech (1) (2)

The first Pendantech was provided by Rammer for Riff. Riff addapted the design into the Pendabots used in his revolutionary "freedom kits"

Comic for 04/11/2011

Ref: When last we left off, there was an explosion....

Comic for 04/25/2011Comic for 04/25/2011Comic for 04/25/2011

A sample of "Historical Documentation" from Riff's home dimension.

Comic for 04/26/2011Comic for 04/26/2011Comic for 04/26/2011

Ref flashbacks: (1) (2) (3) (4)

Comic for 04/28/2011Comic for 04/28/2011Comic for 04/28/2011Comic for 04/28/2011Comic for 04/28/2011

Ref: Dumpster.

Comic for 04/30/2011

Ref: For those of you who have forgotten "Teddy Weddy"...

Comic for 05/06/2011

Secret Coded Message: Panel 8- wink&nod - Michael S. & Son

Comic for 05/12/2011Comic for 05/12/2011Comic for 05/12/2011

Ref: "R.E.C.A.P." | 'Dr.Who'.

Comic for 05/15/2011

And this brings a close to The Corsica Files | A nifty running Corsica list.

Comic for 05/16/2011

You know, I put these reference comics below the strip now for handy reminders of where you’ve seen things before or to enhance a flashback or ‘just because’. Sometimes there is strong plot-related significance, other times, it’s like “hey that’s neat!” This is probably neither but I didn’t want anyone to feel they needed to reread all of Oceans Unmoving (unless they really want to) when I go “ref: Caribs.” ‘Nuff said.
Ref: Caribs.

Comic for 05/17/2011

This is technically half a comic. I realized I couldn't pull off all 6 rows and have the comic up by dawn so I had to split it right down the middle. You guys will see a legible timeline and some clarity tomorrow!

Comic for 05/21/2011

Ref: Teddy Weddy, Fall-Guy | Corsica#21 | Corsica #1.

Comic for 05/26/2011

Refs: Rammer's message was sent to his office, which is why he didn't expect it to be replayed... | "Riff, My Boy" | Y-Frames refer to bots like the M.O.M.M.Y. | What this parallel Dimension Schlock MIGHT have been referring to with the term "Corsicas"...

Comic for 05/27/2011

Ref: Rea-6 Debut |Rammer calls Old Riff "Commander" because the Y-frame did.

Comic for 05/28/2011

OK, so I'm a little burned-outish lately! I'm taking Memorial Day weekend as "off" as I possibly can so please excuse the lack of effort in the strips from here through Monday! And enjoy the weekend everybody! And remember.

Comic for 05/29/2011

OK, so I'm a little burned-outish lately! I'm taking Memorial Day weekend as "off" as I possibly can so please excuse the lack of effort in the strips from here through Monday! And enjoy the weekend everybody! And remember.

Comic for 05/30/2011

OK, so I'm a little burned-outish lately! I'm taking Memorial Day weekend as "off" as I possibly can so please excuse the lack of effort in the strips from here through Monday! And enjoy the weekend everybody! And remember.

Comic for 06/01/2011Comic for 06/01/2011Comic for 06/01/2011Comic for 06/01/2011

Ref: 01209.

Comic for 06/03/2011

Ref: "Outsdiers".

Comic for 06/15/2011

Ref: "..seen them inside buildings..." | This 'Long Damn Day' started March 14th! Whoah!

Comic for 06/16/2011Comic for 06/16/2011

'Nanites' Ref: Nanites picked up by Torg in Med Station (panel 6) but took a while to work. | Nanites pass from Torg to Rammer and worked swiftly. | Nanites pass from Torg or Rammer to Riff... | ...and took a while to work (panel 7).

Comic for 06/22/2011

Refs: Rammer's comment on Izzy (panel 8) | Riff's personal flashbacks: (1) (2) (3) | Random Ref.

Comic for 06/23/2011Comic for 06/23/2011

6-Pack Ref: First seen | Last seen | "Death".

Comic for 06/29/2011Comic for 06/29/2011Comic for 06/29/2011Comic for 06/29/2011Comic for 06/29/2011

Ref: Sharon Gall (freed from time-paused judgement as mentioned yesterday).

Comic for 07/05/2011

Background Refs:
Dr. Schlock's Alternate Future: Home version | 4U City Version Recounted.
Townhouse: Zoë moves in | Housewarming Party | Oasis arrives.

Comic for 07/07/2011Comic for 07/07/2011

More psychotropic drug refs than *I* remembered....

Comic for 07/12/2011

('Teh' was intentional)

Comic for 07/18/2011Comic for 07/18/2011

Ref: "'Gwynn' me with the baseball bat" | "MOO-dun-duhhhhn."

Comic for 08/09/2011Comic for 08/09/2011

I decided to run two Gwynns because some like her better with glasses and some without! The two version here are Gwynn from the North Carolina Nag's Head vacation, and the outfit Gwynn wore on her first date with Riff, and again for 'Keg Party of Five'.

Comic for 08/17/2011Comic for 08/17/2011Comic for 08/17/2011

Ref: For Bun-bun and Riff, the day of Oasis' attack begins here. Although for us, the execution of Feng is a better place to begin.
 And for the other refs: Monica dies | Aylee taken down and Bun-bun fights  (Aylee 2)| Bun-bun burns | Zoë burns.

Comic for 08/22/2011Comic for 08/22/2011

Ref: Displacement | Minions Are Forever.
Special Note:
Kweepie (seen) (mentioned) and Dr. Dee of "Operation Red Durango" are shown in the bottom right-hand Crushestro montage despite the fact that Red Durango has never been fully explained in the strip to date.

Comic for 08/24/2011Comic for 08/24/2011

Ref: Again, the mention of Kweepie and Red Durango.

Comic for 08/25/2011

Currently any animated gif comics have not been resized for the new archive due to it breaking the animation.


Comic for 08/29/2011Comic for 08/29/2011

To all USPS employee sluggites: I love you! Just sayin'.

Comic for 08/30/2011

Thanks Hurricane Irene! I'm scheduled to get power back on September 4th. :(

Comic for 08/31/2011

Thanks Hurricane Irene!

Comic for 09/05/2011

Ref: Oasis murdered Riff's ex-girlfriend Monica.

Comic for 09/07/2011Comic for 09/07/2011

Ref: Vampire Queen | Demon Crush | the Storm Breaker.
 BTW today's comic was supposed to have one more panel but I really poorly planned out my time and wouldn't have it ready in time. You'll understand when you see the first panel of tomorrow's comic!

Comic for 09/08/2011

Ref: 758449 | 4U City Green| 4U City Blue| 4U City Red.
See also: Bun-bun's (and Riff's) tale | Torg's tale.
 BTW today's comic is the ONE panel that I was supposed to finish yesterday's comic with. And I barely finished it in time. Almost two full days on this one. Clearly I have time-estimation issues.

Comic for 09/20/2011Comic for 09/20/2011

Ref: Katia (in case you forgot :) )

Comic for 09/22/2011Comic for 09/22/2011

Ref: 'Mr. Q-Ball' is a handy alias for Riff.