Comic for 07/16/2014

Trying to limit Ref-Links for the current story (like "Minon Master Trained"). For this chapter I'll link when I think it's really important.

Comic for 07/18/2014

Hey all! I’m a Jersey Boy, born n’ bred. Whereas I don’t think my soil was all that radioactive, I do think parts of my town tested positive for Dioxin back in the 80’s. What I’m saying is I have no idea how radioactive parts of New Jersey’s soil may be, but I’m taking artistic license*. And I actually LIKE living in New Jersey. Must be something in the water.   …But what?

*Like anyone who knows anything about Jersey can tell you, radioactive or not you WILL have to pay property taxes.

Comic for 08/13/2014Comic for 08/13/2014Comic for 08/13/2014

Non-critical refs: Riff's Photo | Bleater.

Comic for 08/25/2014Comic for 08/25/2014

Currently any animated gif comics have not been resized for the new archive due to it breaking the animation.

It's the "Sluggy Freelance's 17 Anniversary" Animated Strip!

(And for the record Torg was about to say "Total Hottie!")

Comic for 09/05/2014

OK, following my rule of limiting ref links in this story's comics, I will NOT be ref-linking Minion Master or Sasha. I did question the level of the rum in panel one after the art was complete, and I'm still recovering from the flu so I'll add this:

Alcohol Advisory: I am not an expert on how much 151 Rum will cause alcohol poisoning and/or death, I am only a webcartoonist. The amount in the bottle probably is too low for them to survive but perhaps you all just missed the comic I didn’t draw which shows Torg accidently tipping half the bottle out. In any case don’t drink and drive.


Comic for 09/24/2014Comic for 09/24/2014

So remember how this story was going to go no deeper than the last Safehouse story? Never mind! ;)
Ref: Dream | Orsintos Labs.

And I haven't had time to determine whether I need to RetCon all the "Hassen"s into "Hass"s. So as of today it stays "Hassen" as German for Hate.
BUT I totally left off Gwynn's scar in the last few comics. THAT will have to be fixed!


Comic for 10/02/2014Comic for 10/02/2014Comic for 10/02/2014

I know I've been a little off with my German in this story but I think I nailed it on the file folder in  panel 5!

Comic for 10/09/2014Comic for 10/09/2014

In case you were wondering there were two camping-style lanterns established in the kitchen.

Comic for 10/13/2014Comic for 10/13/2014Comic for 10/13/2014

Ref: "A European High-School forMagic. Weird" Torg has no memory of Hoggelrynth.

Comic for 10/20/2014

I remember many of my friends sporting Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper-stickers or crocheting Flying Spaghetti Monster hats or what have you. So I thought the Flying Spaghetti Monster would make a perfect Movie-Thor parody. But when I checked with my wife and Leah, they had absolutely no idea what the Flying Spaghetti Monster is. Man, I remember when we had some cultural touchstones around here, many many moons ago. Anywho, follow the links for details. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a anti-creationist symbol with humorous origins and has started it's own "religion." The More You Know...

Comic for 10/22/2014

You guys remember Science Guy and Captain Hippity, right?

Comic for 11/03/2014

So for today we have a panel from the Bonus Story of the upcomng Sluggy Freelance Book 14! I'm *thinking* there will be one more preiview art tomorrow and then maybe a 'Road to Björkea' catch-up comic and then Thursday and Friday will be all new comics. And then hopefully all new comics next week. Can't be sure though, not yet.

Comic for 11/04/2014

Yesterday's plan is still the one I'm going with but haven't gotten time to script yet.

Comic for 11/05/2014

So, see the "And now..." at the bottom of the page? That was because I planned on having at least a couple of panels of the next strip, but it was just not meant to be. However I hope we'll be back to our regular schedule starting tomorrow.

Comic for 11/06/2014

I think we're back in business!

Ref: Last time we saw Marco...

Comic for 11/13/2014Comic for 11/13/2014

Ref: FUN FACT! Bill Sintos was supposed to have died in 1971 in New Jersey.

Comic for 12/25/2014

(Probably unneeded chaffing(I know, two f's) ref...)

Comic for 12/26/2014

Ref: It all started here. Well, technically here.
AND I really need to retcon the spelling of Grammer Gorilla's name in part 1! It is GRAMMER GORILLA! DIMMIT!

Comic for 01/01/2015

Here's to a happy welcome to 2015!

Comic for 01/10/2015

Ref: Remember Gluden?

Comic for 01/27/2015

Part 1 of a 4-row comic!
Ref: Bookstore.

Comic for 02/02/2015Comic for 02/02/2015

Ref: Spell (1) (2a 2b)

Comic for 02/06/2015Comic for 02/06/2015

Probably Unimportant Refs: (1) (2)

Comic for 02/18/2015Comic for 02/18/2015

The Plan Stages: (1) (1-revised) (2) (3) (4)

Comic for 02/26/2015

Sad ref: Them.

Comic for 03/05/2015

Ref: Minion-Master Skills | Torg joins Minon Master | Sam last seen undead-alive.
FUN FACT: "Der Closen Shopen" is NOT  German for "The Clothes Shop"!

Comic for 03/06/2015

Teresa Ref: First Seen | "Slaw" | Last Seen.

Comic for 03/23/2015Comic for 03/23/2015Comic for 03/23/2015

Ref: King Farahn (last seen).

Comic for 03/27/2015Comic for 03/27/2015

*facepalm* The top of Torg's resume skill-list should be pushing Gwynn's buttons. Also, just between you and me, the kid behind Gwynn is kicking her seat.

Comic for 03/30/2015

This comic may or may not have been used a fourth-ish time as emergency filler. Just sayin’...

Comic for 04/06/2015

Ref:  "oops!"