Comic for 04/13/2015

Ref: Grab-all(tm) First | Last (First-ISH|Last-ISH on both fronts) Drake and Tyler First | Last. And Squishydodo's Black Ops Elves are back!

Comic for 04/14/2015Comic for 04/14/2015

Guy in panel 2 and 3? Totally NOT Sam. I was drawing this random guy and he started looking like Sam and the more I tried to make him NOT like Sam the more Sam-like he became! Thanks self-sabotage! If not for deadlines I'd redraw.

Comic for 04/17/2015

We haven’t seen the Black-Ops Elves in so long there was some wondering about their relationship to Santa at this point. The last time we heard word from them it was telling Santa that they’ve gone freelance (Last panel/'official report').  A line that hit the “cutting room floor” from the current set of comics confirm that Santa is one of their biggest clients, paying for information like everyone else.

Comic for 04/21/2015

Ref: Hereti-Corp has been weaponizing the D F A.

Comic for 04/22/2015

Ref: Meet Tyler.

Comic for 04/24/2015

Almost was going to save this as emergency filler but it made a nice cap to Part 1. Next week? Bun-bun!

Comic for 04/29/2015Comic for 04/29/2015

Ref: The Phone OS update | Bun-bun Last Seen.

(And just anticipating some confusion, these events happen before Torg and Gwynn return from their road trip, which should be clear soon enough.)

Comic for 05/07/2015

Ref: Panel 3.

Comic for 05/25/2015

I know it might seem lame but I found this Memorial Day filler from 2011 and decided to color it and use it, just because it made me smile. Hope it makes you smile too! Happy Memorial Day!

Comic for 05/29/2015Comic for 05/29/2015

Ref: Marco.

Comic for 06/04/2015Comic for 06/04/2015

Probably unneeded ref: Zoë has milk issues.

Comic for 06/09/2015Comic for 06/09/2015Comic for 06/09/2015

Ref: Random Jane Link.

Comic for 06/24/2015Comic for 06/24/2015

Ref: "Riff?"

Comic for 06/26/2015


Comic for 07/08/2015

Ref: Riff.

Comic for 07/17/2015Comic for 07/17/2015Comic for 07/17/2015Comic for 07/17/2015

Ref: Assault on Hereti-Corp | Minion Master | | Mole Sasha | The only time Torg might have heard Minion Master's name was Anthony, and never heard his sister's name. OK, maybe he heard it here when Bestseid announced it but he hasn't seemed to retain it.

Comic for 07/24/2015Comic for 07/24/2015

Ref: The Zalias First Seen (actually it was in the bonus story for Book 9), Last Seen | Dr. Schlock  First Seen, Last Seen | Aparrently once their uniforms were more stretchy.

Comic for 07/27/2015Comic for 07/27/2015Comic for 07/27/2015

Ref: Rammer | Schlock-Fire | Schlock-Execution.

Comic for 07/31/2015Comic for 07/31/2015

Digbot links Monday!

Comic for 08/12/2015Comic for 08/12/2015Comic for 08/12/2015

Ref: This comic. And this. And 'Kaka'.

Comic for 08/14/2015Comic for 08/14/2015Comic for 08/14/2015Comic for 08/14/2015

Ref: This comic.

Comic for 08/17/2015

Refs:  (1) | (2) | (3).

Comic for 08/19/2015Comic for 08/19/2015Comic for 08/19/2015

Refs: (1) (2) and I know, 'funner' isn't a word, you'll have to take that up with Teresa's brain.

Comic for 08/25/2015

Currently any animated gif comics have not been resized for the new archive due to it breaking the animation.

It's the "Sluggy Freelance's 18 Anniversary" Animated Strip!

Big thanks to the guy from Intervention6 who, when I said the animated strip might not be too much, suggested animating ‘black-ops celebratory throwing-dart juggling!’ And thanks to my daughter Leah for roughing out the juggling animation! Happy 18 years of this here nifty comic!

Comic for 08/28/2015Comic for 08/28/2015

Info Ref: Riff experienced an alternate dystopian future stemming from “the Research and Development wars” in 4U City.

Comic for 09/02/2015

Ref1: (1) (2) (3) | Ref 2: (1) (2).

Comic for 09/07/2015

HAPPY LABOR DAY! + Ref: Say it isn't so!

Comic for 09/08/2015Comic for 09/08/2015Comic for 09/08/2015

Ref: this.

Comic for 09/10/2015Comic for 09/10/2015Comic for 09/10/2015

Ref: 4U City starts here! No, here! Some pertinent points: (1) (2).

Comic for 09/14/2015

Ref: Dr. Vistuvius (no ref links) |  Sharon Gall (Alt Sharon 'Aylee') (Alt Sharon 4UCity) | Annoy-o-Pac (whatever that is it is definitly NOT the most annoying card in Hearthstone) | Recent Crushestro & Percy.

Comic for 09/15/2015

Ref: Slappyhoho first apperance | Squishydodo first apperance | Tweetyjerkjerk first apperance.

Comic for 09/16/2015

One row of comics with almost no dialogue? What was I thinking?!? I don't know, but I DO know I wasn't thinking 'cat-in-the-hat' when I was planning the color scheme for today's comic. But how can I look at that last panel and NOT think Cat-in-the-Hat?

Comic for 09/17/2015

Ref: Dart Juggling (1) (2).

Comic for 09/21/2015

Ref: Grahammy: First Seen | In Black-Ops | Last Seen.
Ferret Wings: First Seen  | Last Seen(?)

Comic for 09/25/2015

Ref: Knight-1 | Pawn-7 | PAWN-8 (1) (2) |  Pawn-6 & QUEEN.

Comic for 09/29/2015

Finished the missing establishing panel and fixed the mistake where Riff said "Mark-22". It is in fact Mark-24.

Comic for 10/08/2015

Ref: Philinnon (1) (2) | Urja.

Comic for 10/12/2015Comic for 10/12/2015Comic for 10/12/2015

This filler week takes place around this time. And yes, I've used the Pits pun before. Hey it's filler week! ;)