Comic for 10/21/2015

Decided to sit on this ref for 24 hours... REF!

Comic for 10/26/2015

Well *I'm* in a Halloween mood!

Comic for 10/31/2015

Surprise! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This non-Sluggy related holiday art comes from Leah's Inktober sketchbook. Working without a pencil is SCARRRRRY to her! So it works double for Halloween!

Comic for 11/12/2015Comic for 11/12/2015

Ref: Bag-o-Sam (last seen)| Aylee Kiki and Teresa (and Zhoas unseen)| Bag Gone (yes, 'footprints', Sylvia didn't fly the entire time).

Comic for 11/18/2015Comic for 11/18/2015

Ref: Vrykolakas first mention | last seen.

Comic for 11/26/2015

Feels like a vampire-themed holiday season to me! I was going to do something with drinking turkey-blood or having some vamps garnish their A.B.Negative with cranberry sauce, then thought better of it.  I was also going to have Drake and Tyler lead a hostile takeover of Thanksgiving from General Gohblair but thought that might be read as canon!



Comic for 11/27/2015

Ref: 'Lysinda's Emancipation Decree' indicated.

Comic for 11/30/2015

Ref: Pierre (1) (2).

Comic for 12/07/2015Comic for 12/07/2015Comic for 12/07/2015

Fun Vrykolakas Facts: Vryko-masters can turn to mist! Vryko-vamps can't fly, although  they can jump very high and far. (This was firmly established in the Defenders exclusive Sampire comic book. However it sure looks lke Vrykos are flying here. *Pshaw*, they must be jumping.)

Comic for 12/10/2015Comic for 12/10/2015Comic for 12/10/2015

Ref: "Agata saw me" | Dr. Vistuvius tipped off Muffin a long time ago (and thus was responsible for Lysinda's desperation).

Comic for 12/14/2015

Ref: When last we saw Sam (whole) | Sylvia's Memories of Sam (1) (2 and the next couple of comics thereafter).

Comic for 12/18/2015

Ref: When last we saw Minion Master Hideout #13...

Comic for 12/21/2015

Ref: FROG First Seen, Last Seen. Drake & Tyler Last Seen

Comic for 01/04/2016Comic for 01/04/2016Comic for 01/04/2016

non-ref: For some reason Stefano reminds me of a cartoon young Leah watched called Charlie and Lola. It's creeping me out, man!

Comic for 01/11/2016

Ref: "Full House" Chapter Finale (Week1) (Week2) | Circle Chapter Intersection.

Comic for 01/12/2016

Minion Master: First Seen | Classic | Last Seen (out of costume).

Defenders Ref: What Garlic does to Vorpyr was established in the Sampire Comic Book.

Sidenote:Riff thought he attacked Sam with Garlic once! But the pizza was garlic-free.

Comic for 01/22/2016Comic for 01/22/2016

Hey all! So I think I may have accidentally established in the past Vrykolakas being somehow susceptible to garlic. That is bad because I think of them as immune to garlic. This might be one of those RetCon moments; I look forward to the Reactions Forums for today!

Comic for 01/27/2016

The filler I warned was coming Friday SNUCK UP AND ATTACKED YOU on Wednesday! Sneaky Vrykos!

Comic for 02/03/2016

I might address this in a news story later but here's some responses to the Reactions forums for the last two days:

"I thought Izzy was younger!" Crap! That right there is a GENUINE PETE SCREW UP!

"Hope this flashback doesn’t take long!"
No, this won't take long, especially adding the 'car chase' as a flashback narration device! Shaved weeks off the script!

"What's up with the car chase? It makes this confusing!" Crap. Well at least I'm not burning out... crap-crap.

Comic for 02/08/2016

Ouch! Kinda over half-toned the comic page within the comic! Sorry bout' dat!

Comic for 02/12/2016

Ref: "...I think we can deal" | How the chopper could have been there so fast: Sasha had Hereti-Corp in position. (Panel 5)

Comic for 02/16/2016

Ref: When last we saw Vamp Ant.

Comic for 02/18/2016Comic for 02/18/2016

Ref: Mom.

Comic for 03/07/2016Comic for 03/07/2016

Ref: When we last saw TweetyTorg knows Sylvia (and Sam might have remembered that... but it's Sam).

Comic for 03/15/2016Comic for 03/15/2016

Ref: Lysinda Circle connection to Vrykolakas (1) (2) (3)

Comic for 03/25/2016

Party Decorations Ref: (1) (2)

Comic for 04/01/2016

Hey everybody! Sorry, but this break was needed. The irony that it's April Fool's Day is not lost on me but one has nothing to do with the other.

Comic for 04/04/2016

Ref: when last we saw Tweety and Menelaus.

Comic for 04/07/2016Comic for 04/07/2016

Ref: Equinox.

In case I lost you with toady's and yesterday's comic...

So the gang is making their escape from the Warehouse. As we know, Hereti-Corp has a satellite trained on their location and Schlock wants to know exactly what's going on.

When last we saw Squishydodo he was out in the field making another van "disappear". So Torg called him in to help them "disappear" as well (Operation Left Sock, because we all know Left Socks vanish from he dryer all the time. But only the left socks.). The gang abandoned the HC van "under the tunnel," changed their appearance, and headed off in different directions to throw any observers off the scent (vamps or hereti-corp). Then if all looked clear they'd rendezvous back at the home base beneath the Equinox Casino.

I thought I could communicate this quickly while showing Torg's emotional state and shore it all up in two comics. I appear to have confused everybody I the processes, and in this case I'm not sure how to fix it. I'll think of something. But for now you know.

Comic for 04/08/2016Comic for 04/08/2016

Ref: Last Word Once. King Riff.

Comic for 04/22/2016

Ref: Yes, Philinnon’s bodyguards had sunglasses and guns (and jumped really high but that’s another story)