Comic for 05/10/2016

So Leah's taking over the strip, I'm retiring TODAY! (HA! Kidding!)

Let’s all hear it for this week’s guest artist Leah Abrams!

Anywho Leah volunteered to step up with filling in for me this week as long as I helped with the writing. I know she also hoped to have this comic inked but she ran out of time. I sort-a sprung it on her last minute and she has lots of school work.
The current plan is to start the next Chapter (entitled "Six Months Later...") on Monday even though I have grouped this Guest Artist Week with that next Chapter. More news as we go!

Comic for 05/13/2016

Big thanks to Leah who muscled through severe allergy attacks and tons of homework to do this week for me!

Comic for 05/16/2016Comic for 05/16/2016Comic for 05/16/2016Comic for 05/16/2016

Ref: Qwirky (First Appearance | Last Appearance) got a makeover!

Comic for 05/20/2016Comic for 05/20/2016Comic for 05/20/2016

Ref: when we last saw Gwynn's Penthouse Suite...

Comic for 05/26/2016

So I put Aylee in a Sia wig because it made my wife laugh (and it covers her face). I'm not sure exactly how much of my audience can readily identify a Sia wig (maybe a lot? maybe a few?) but now I'm disturbed by how much Aylee looks like Agent N'aaaw. Thus Sia looks like Agent N'aaaw. I'm gonna have to think on that...

balthazar, I totally gave Gwynn rhinestone "beauty marks".

Comic for 05/27/2016Comic for 05/27/2016

This is entirely accurately how you play craps! Except on Tuesdays. And non-Tuesday days.

Comic for 05/30/2016

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you find the time to remember the meaning of the day.

Comic for 06/16/2016

Ref: Christmas Ninjas (Start) (1) (2) (3).

Comic for 06/17/2016Comic for 06/17/2016

Ref (incomplete): Feature | Feature | Feature | Feature |...

Comic for 07/04/2016

Let’s all hear it for this week’s guest artist Leah Abrams!!!

Ref: Vocational School of Technically Technology | Dark Arts Department.

Comic for 07/05/2016

Ref: Trig.

Comic for 07/13/2016Comic for 07/13/2016Comic for 07/13/2016

Ref: Queen | orbital .

Comic for 07/18/2016Comic for 07/18/2016Comic for 07/18/2016

Pokemon Mentions: (1) | (2) | (3)
Hereti-Corp now controls Grab-All, and a Grab-All account is used for Pokemon Go, in this world at least! ;)

Full disclosure: I’m a happy Pokemon Go player and, although tempted, have yet to run in to traffic. In Pokemon and all things, enjoy what you like; assess the risks, play responsibly.

Comic for 07/20/2016Comic for 07/20/2016Comic for 07/20/2016

Ref: The Road Trip | Radiation : Zorg.

Comic for 07/27/2016Comic for 07/27/2016Comic for 07/27/2016

Ref: Mr. Needles (First Mentioned).
Mook: First Seen | Last Seen.
Smokey: First Seen | Last Seen.
Nifty News Fifty Report on Nasa:  (1) (2) (3).

Comic for 07/28/2016Comic for 07/28/2016

Are Peirce and Lance brothers? Are they related to Lupae Indahed? is "Indahed" a common last name in the Sluggyverse? I'm thinking the later.
ALSO some ref links for the person in the last panel tomorrow!

Comic for 07/29/2016Comic for 07/29/2016

Oasis Ref: It's complicated. First seen.
Last seen conscious (bROKEN). Last seen alive (in Hereti-Corp Custody). Last seen dead (by the Strawman's hand). News of 'Oasis resurfacing'.
We also saw an alternate version of Oasis in 4U City, going by the name Harbinger.
Harbinger: First Seen. Last seen alive. Last seen dead (bottom of panel 2).
Hope I didn't miss anything! Is Harbinger important to this story? Probably not. But she's COOL!

Comic for 08/08/2016Comic for 08/08/2016

Ref: Phone-call (synching up the timelines!)

Comic for 08/09/2016Comic for 08/09/2016Comic for 08/09/2016

Kareen Zalia: First seen (Bonus Story in Book 9, "The Path Unbeaten) | Next apperance.
Last seen (panel 5)
| Last mentioned.

Comic for 08/11/2016Comic for 08/11/2016

Katie Zalia: First seen (Bonus Story in Book 9, "The Path Unbeaten) | Next apperance.
Last seen (panel 5)
| Last mentioned.

Comic for 08/16/2016Comic for 08/16/2016

Ref: Oasis Dead |Oasis Back | Oasis Leaves | Zalias imprissoned.

Sidenote: I also noticed Feng wasn't included in the flashback/recap!

Comic for 08/25/2016

Currently any animated gif comics have not been resized for the new archive due to it breaking the animation.

I can hardly believe I'm only going to be doing one more of these! But this is fitting for the next-to-last one.
It's the "Sluggy Freelance's 19th Anniversary" Animated Strip!


Comic for 08/30/2016

Sorry for the late uber-rare emergency filler art thingy today. Rescripting is running too late. I really need to make sure the scripts are well planned for the next week or two! You could just pretend I took Labor Day off early... ?

Comic for 08/31/2016Comic for 08/31/2016

Ref: Concussion | Vanishing nuns ("Nuns that Vanished") (memo).

Comic for 09/05/2016

Refs: 5 dead (tv report) | 7 dead (newspaper headline) | All part of Daedalus' plan to track Oasis.

Also, if you missed it, Panel 2 of this strip.

Comic for 09/08/2016Comic for 09/08/2016

Watch Ref: (1) (2) (3) (4).

Comic for 09/12/2016

Let's all hear it for this week's guest artist Leah Abrams!!!

Ref: Vocational School of Technically Technology | Transfer Student (1) (2)..

Comic for 09/16/2016

TO BE CONTINUED! (teaser tomorrow)
Thanks Leah!

Comic for 09/17/2016

"Winter 2016" is "more like guidelines.'

Comic for 09/26/2016Comic for 09/26/2016

This chapter has nothing to do with Vampires but Anywho Vampire Ref (fourth sect is important): Riff off to Alaska | Riff on Alaska | Random Alaska Ref | Arminius Vambrey (First) (+Riff) (Last Mentioned).
More Important Ref: XT-34 Inflatable Spacecraft. (more detailed Ref tomorrow)

Comic for 09/27/2016

Apologies for this extra short comic! Torg Spaceship Ref: XT-33 (deflated /inflated) | Rammer’s Bag of Parting Gifts | XT-34 in digbot territory.

Izzy: I Care.

Comic for 09/29/2016Comic for 09/29/2016

Ref: Riff Freaks Out? | The News Story (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) | The Call.

Comic for 09/30/2016Comic for 09/30/2016Comic for 09/30/2016Comic for 09/30/2016Comic for 09/30/2016

Ref: Call 2.

Comic for 10/03/2016Comic for 10/03/2016Comic for 10/03/2016

Ref: Teresa (last seen here) (or on screen as Pawn-1 here)

Comic for 10/06/2016Comic for 10/06/2016

Ref: Izzy's Coordination Battlefield Tech [Used HERE and throughout "R&D Wars: Blitzrieg"] [Attributed to Izzy Here].

Comic for 10/20/2016

Ref: The News Story (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Comic for 10/31/2016

My thanks to my daughter Leah who ‘Inktobered’ today’s Halloween art on short notice despite heavy school deadlines!

Comic for 11/01/2016

Sorry for this emergency filler, we should be back on schedule tomorrow! And Book 16 is FINALLY off to the printers!

Comic for 11/02/2016

This is half a comic! Second half tomorrow!

Comic for 11/03/2016

OK this was the second half of yesterday's comic. Hoping this marks the official end to the delays for a little while! But book 16 is done! YAY!
Ref: Backdoor Open!

Comic for 11/07/2016Comic for 11/07/2016

Chen and Cell Refs Tomorrow!

Comic for 11/24/2016Comic for 11/24/2016Comic for 11/24/2016

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Comic today! Filler Art tomorrow!

Comic for 11/28/2016Comic for 11/28/2016

Dig Bots (& Rook-2) Refs Tomorrow-ish

Comic for 12/01/2016

Ref: Sister.

Comic for 12/09/2016Comic for 12/09/2016

Ref: Dr. Newguy First Seen | Last Seen.

Comic for 12/20/2016

Mayor Ref: Drake makes a cameo apperance in the Book 16 Bonus Story "The Frost-Apple Festival"

Comic for 12/22/2016

Ref: Why, Kusari? Newguy on the Board. Oh, and from yesterday: Geocomputing!

(One timing note, at the point and time of this comic's final row, Frog had not yet been informed of Corsica's demise at Kusari's hand. When he is, he is not happy.)

Comic for 12/24/2016

Merry Christmas (eve) and Happy Holidays from Leah and the whole Abrams family!
More Leah art all week starting Monday!

Comic for 12/30/2016

Leah's got one more piece lined up for New Year's Day!

Comic for 01/01/2017