Comic for 01/19/2017

Ref: Sharks.

Comic for 01/20/2017

Sorry for the emergency filler art. As warned, I really need to focus on scripting before the story moves forward!

Comic for 01/23/2017

Ref: Zoë's wearing Torg's old "Operation King Under the Mountain" shirt.

Comic for 01/24/2017

Ref: The Plan (1) (2) | "Set me on fire".

Comic for 01/25/2017

Sharon Gall: First Seen | Pawn-7 | Last "seen".

Comic for 01/30/2017

Ref: Not knowing what they were, Riff referred to the elves as "Oompa Loompas" | Mini-Mark | Mark-24.

Comic for 02/02/2017

Not really a ref-ref: The Screw Ball comment by Pilotbot-1 has no connection to Oasis' screw-ball cap!

Comic for 02/03/2017

Welcome to February Filler Fridays, 1 of 4! I haven’t done much color work lately and I think I want to see what I can do as far as a Zoë portrait goes. I’m not very good at this, but it makes me happy and relaxed and I need some of that right now. So far so good with the pencils! Let’s see how it progresses next week.

Comic for 02/10/2017

Welcome to February Filler Fridays, 2 of 4! Ok the inks are in. I have no idea at this point if I’m going to paint over everything or keep the ink lines in place. We’ll have to see as the color starts to fill in next Friday. I was also going to have her in her usual black dress, but in this case color might be in order. or white!

Comic for 02/13/2017

Ref: The head Riff is holding.

Comic for 02/17/2017

Welcome to February Filler Fridays, 3 of 4! Gyah! GYAH! GYAH, I say! This is terrible! It's the mouth mostly. Oh well. It was fun and relaxing for me, but I'm just not going to be good at this without a lot more practice. Weird when I cover over the eyes, the nose and mouth don't look too bad. If I cover over the mouth the eyes and nose are great! Put all three together? Yikes. I honestly don't know what the "finish" is going to end up being, but good bad or ugly, the February Filler Fridays is doing it's job!

UPDATE: Ha! Those rascally Ret-Con Ninjas have covered up her offending facial features. Defenders can see the horror in the blog if they so choose. But it is scary!

Comic for 02/21/2017

Sidenote: I, um, I don’t really know the band Nickelback well enough to dislike them. All I know is when I was describing the script to Leah she laughed, and that’s good enough for me!

Comic for 02/22/2017

Ref: Bleater | MyFACE |  Izzy is wearing a "The Free 3" shirt. 'Cliff' refs tomorrow.

Comic for 02/23/2017

The Cliff has been on Torg's mind!

Comic for 02/24/2017

Welcome to February Filler Fridays, 4 of 4! In the end, I made her a Ninja! For better or for worse, I had fun with this, I hope you did too!

Comic for 02/27/2017

Ref Links: Black-Ops Elves/Grab-All connection. | Kareen, Katie and Oasis: Recommended reading , or start here. | Izzy: Reccomended reading. | Quirky last seen. Stone last seen (really? has it been so long?).

Comic for 03/02/2017

Chaz: First seen with Torg | Innocent-Blood-Powered | Last seen (before camping trip).

Comic for 03/06/2017

Ref: Torg and Oasis First / Last time together | Oasis on a Train | Free Three Comic (1) (2).

Comic for 03/07/2017

For some reason in the Sluggyverse bears often talk.

Comic for 03/09/2017

Ref: Oasis vs. Mech (1) (2) (3).

Comic for 03/20/2017

Ref: Torg's 'proposal' , Oasis remembers...| Friends you Hurt (1) (2) (3) (4-5)

Comic for 03/29/2017

Ref: Train.

Comic for 03/30/2017

Ref: Chaz- First wielded by Torg | Chaz first speaks | Last time Chaze spoke (I think!)

Chaz might be upset about sandwich slicing, but lunchmeat was kinda his idea.

Comic for 04/03/2017

Ref: Venison Incident (1) (2) | Oasis vs. Bun-bun (1) (2) (3).

Comic for 04/05/2017

Ref: Knife in the neck.

Comic for 04/11/2017

Here are some links on tracers and transponders: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Comic for 04/13/2017

Triangle Refs Tomorrow

Comic for 04/14/2017

The Schlock Triangle has been mentioned here and there. Here are two mentions.

Comic for 04/17/2017

Hey all! I really needed this filler art to be quick and easy to keep on top of the strips and avoid burnout. But the hopes for a happy enjoyable spring is sincere! The warmer weather is making me smile.

Comic for 04/18/2017

 Face of SteveRef: Dr. Steve's face. Dr. Steve's Voice.

Comic for 04/25/2017

Ref: Again Matty. Also, the pie is a lie.

Comic for 04/26/2017

Ref: Torg has been "back" since here.

Comic for 05/04/2017

And to think all that time Torg spent training Gwynn in proper cellphone-use.

Comic for 05/08/2017

Ref: Riff and Sasha last time together: Part 1, Part 2.

Comic for 05/19/2017

I needed something quick for this announced 'filler', so I colored an Aylee panel I just liked! It was from this comic.

Comic for 05/29/2017


And only shoot evil in the face.

Comic for 06/13/2017

Flashback Refs: (1) (2) (3).

Comic for 06/14/2017

Ref: Switch-a-rootaxi and bus, escaping Hereti-Corp tracking.

Comic for 06/19/2017

Ref: Elfable.

Comic for 06/22/2017

Ref: Senator Smarmison (1) (2) | The real reason for "Increased Scrutiny" from China.

Comic for 06/28/2017

Ref: Sally Johnson (1) (2).

Comic for 06/30/2017

Ferret Wings: last seen in a comic was a flashback to 1998, but last non-flashback seen here!

Comic for 07/03/2017

The Gwynn (and Zoë) newly revealed Rammer-Gall plan refs: (1) (2) (3) (4).

Comic for 07/04/2017

Hey guys! Happy Fourth of July! This is your forewarned filler-art! I created it while exploring an art app on my mobile. It’s small and sloppy, but you know I’ve done woise! Go grill something for FREEDOM!

Comic for 07/05/2017

Refs: "H-Nom Virus" (it wasn't referred to as that before this comic, I don't think.),  in Riff's posession. Or you can just start reading about The NOM here.

Comic for 07/19/2017

Ref: Chen's plan.


REMINDER: M/W/F mode: Next comic will be Friday!

Comic for 07/24/2017

Ref: Rabbit and Eye | Riff and cannon (1) (2) | Fire | Nuns .

Comic for 07/28/2017

Lot's of Schlock Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)

Comic for 08/02/2017

Ref: A Long time ago | More Recent (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Comic for 08/07/2017

Ref: Bun-bun decides to kill them all but lets them live.

Comic for 08/16/2017

Torg kept the Kiki-Falcon Retrieval Gauntlet hidden under his glove. Speaking of... random ref!

Comic for 08/21/2017

Here’s some inside baseball! Originally the comic for Friday was supposed to be one row (finishing with the Torg and Oasis kiss). But when laying it out in book format and seeing the one row over the other it just demanded to be a two row comic. Instead of the Torg/Oasis smooch going on all weekend it was a quick shift to probably a future to Torg spinal-pain as Oasis leaps off Torg’s chest.

The downside is it makes today’s now one-row comic weaker. But ‘the art demands’ sometimes!

Comic for 08/23/2017

Aylee and Oasis (1) | (2) | (3)

Comic for 08/25/2017Comic for 08/25/2017Comic for 08/25/2017

For the record Kiki was singing ridiculously quickly, so much so that I had to slow her down. I may tweak that last caption panel... someday....
0)|(1)|(2)|(3)|(4)|(5)|(6)|(7)|(8)|(9)|(10)|(11)|(12)|(13)|(14)|(15)|(16)|(17)|(18)|(19)| TWENTY!!!!

Stay tuned for what happens NEXT!

Comic for 08/29/2017

My neighbor pointed out

Comic for 08/30/2017

Ref Links: Zuniga | Roberts (first) (last (panel 3 in the 'snore' shirt, leftmost)).

I know the archives are bouncy and huge with the 'infinite archive' we're doing. It might be a little uncomfortable now, but we are going to climb whatever mountain we need to fix it and make it work the way we intended, the way you'll be good with.

Comic for 08/31/2017

Ref Links: Schlock last seen | Frog last seen | Corsica last seen...? that can't be right! ;) | Station Mention.

Over two hundred new Defenders 20+ members and counting! And so many of you are being so generous! This is really exciting! THANKS!

Comic for 09/06/2017

Ref links: La'Mort | Flaw in our...

Comic for 09/11/2017

Refs: Watch. WATCH.

Hey guys! Every new comic it’s a cliffhanger these days, I know! I wanted to give you guys a heads-up that there’s a new ‘navigate by date’ option that drops down under the archives! And more is coming! We’re still working on so much stuff.

9/12 UPDATE: For those with eagle eyes, I did a retcon on the shadowy panel 6! I hadn't finished designing that room and now I have!

Comic for 09/25/2017

Ref: Diary | Bashed Heads | "Die."
Hey Defenders, BLOG POST!

Sasha Art Clip

Comic for 11/06/2017

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge something that’s been mentioned before in Sluggy lore but many of you may not know. The character of Marcus Chen is homage to Mike Chen, one of my favorite teachers from my days at the Kubert School.  A great teacher and a great guy, in my experience Mike was only maniacally evil when it came to our GPAs. And Marcus was one of my favorite villains to write for, I’m sorry to see him go after all these years. But it is what the story has demanded.

Comic for 11/10/2017

Ref: Torg survives the 'little war'.

Comic for 11/22/2017

Ref: Torg's concussion (punched in the head lots) | baiting Oasis | Lancaster | Crumbling.

Comic for 11/27/2017

Ref: Brother (1) (2) | Zoë called in | Rammer Plan.

Comic for 12/04/2017

Ref: Ferret Wing Caller Gauntlet | Omnitaser Supreme (First seen) (Last seen)!

Comic for 12/11/2017

Izzy's not kidding!
This day started back in July!

Comic for 12/14/2017

Ref: Torg and Riff in Space! (only some examples)