Comic for 03/08/2019

Ref: Panel 2 | Bird | Home.

Comic for 04/02/2019

Ref: Red Anima .

Comic for 05/21/2019

Sorceress ref (1) (2).

Comic for 06/11/2019

Ref: King |  Monster.

Comic for 07/24/2019

Ref: Cop.

Comic for 07/29/2019

Ref: Zappo.

Comic for 08/06/2019

Ref: Hedgedales (1) (2).

Comic for 08/20/2019

Ref: Trevors.

Comic for 08/25/2019

Ref: Bun-bun, and his crew of space pirates, last seen.



Comic for 10/02/2019

Ref: Gwynn at Riff's.
Also new Defenders Blog (same as clicking on that Info-shield!)!

Comic for 10/07/2019

Ref Oasis (1)(2) Ref Izzy (1)(2).

Comic for 10/31/2019

Ref: Gwynn last seen. Gorf (1) (2)

Comic for 11/18/2019

Ref: Monsters  | Grapple.

Comic for 12/30/2019

Ref: Wow this one really must have stuck with Torg. 'No Beer Dimension'.

Comic for 03/09/2020

Ref: Can I reference back to 1997? Why yes, yes I can! Trolorians go back that far!

Comic for 03/11/2020

Just FYI, it's spelled "Dillicutty" (the link is just first appearance) and I have to correct some misspellings in some previous comics (surprise!) ;)

Comic for 03/20/2020

Ref: Muse.

Comic for 05/26/2020

Resisting posting ref links for all of Anima and all of the reasons Gwynn mentioning 'demons' should be gasp-worthy!
Maybe next chapter.