Comic for 06/09/2020

Ref Link: Mr. Stiks | Basphomy | Obsidian Cage | Bast.| Random Krig Ref  | Another Random Krig Ref.
Side Note: Sluggy Freelance Book 11, The Holiday Wars, contains a bonus story entitled The Holiday Overlord's Edict that connects to Basphomy, Mr. Stiks, and the Obsidian Cage.

Comic for 06/12/2020

Ref: One, two, three.
There's a lot of names mentioned in this strip. Instead of linking to them all, or asking you to go back and study Chapter 65: Mohkadun (there won't be a quiz!) I'll say this.You DO NOT need to know all the characters and events referenced to follow the story and I'll try to provide more pertinent links on a case-by-case basis as the story unfolds. But Chapter 65 is at your fingertips should you like!

Comic for 08/25/2020


Comic for 08/28/2020

"Seen" Reference: Black Ops Elves [First] [Last] | Squishydodo [First] [Last] | Izzy [First] [Last] | Aylee [First] [Last].

Comic for 08/31/2020

Ref: Aylee's near-fatal attack (1) (2) | Aylee's health assessment (1) (2).

Comic for 09/18/2020

Ref: Lacey (first) (last) (one) (two) | N'aaaw (first) (last) | Poopy-Pants.
Sidenote: We've seen KZK's new truename as Poopypants, Poopy Pants, and Poopy-Pants. I'm nothing if not consistently inconsistent! But I'm going for "Poopy-Pants" from here on out.

Comic for 09/30/2020

Sam Flashback Panels Ref: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
More 'Sam' references in a comic or two.

Comic for 10/09/2020

Reference: Closet.

Comic for 10/20/2020

I double checked the archive just to be sure, and despite every time their paths might have crossed, Bun-bun and Frog have never met. Please let me know in the Reactions Forums if I messed that up because I’d RetCon that.

Comic for 10/22/2020

Ref: Sharon Gall [First] [Last (w/ Gwynn)] [last mentioned]
Basically we know little at this point of Gwynn & Sharon's relationship beyond that there is one.

Comic for 10/28/2020

Ref: Zoe with ballcap and shotgun...

Comic for 10/30/2020

Ref: Portal to Poland (Bialowieza Forest).

Comic for 11/06/2020

Ref: The Obsidian Cage (same link as last comic) | Mr. stitches and the groundwork for the escape from the Obsidian Cage are both in the Sluggy Freelance Book 11 "The Holiday Wars" bonus story entitled 'The Holiday Overlord's Edict'.

Comic for 11/10/2020

Ref: The Original Tale of Mr. Stiks (which is reprinted in today's strip). This is also one of the links from two comics ago. Reprinting the tale was the easiest way for me to remind or inform you all of who/what Mr. Stiks is.

Comic for 11/12/2020

Ref: Wilcott Wilden (first seen) (last seen) |  Meander/Chilus (first seen) (last seen).
Whelp, this wraps 'Lost and Found' and we found a LOT. So many odd characters from storties from years ago. This is a big story that ties much together. I will do my best to include all information needed for this story in the story, but will keep putting ref-links in case you all want a trip down memory lane. Onward and sideways!

Comic for 11/18/2020

Ref: "More Power! And Gwynn realized..." | King Farahn and Bug refs next comic!

Comic for 01/25/2021

Image Ref: Sun-Twin & Moon-Twin (1) (2).

Comic for 01/27/2021

Ref: Moon-Twin Dunuloa (1) (2).

Comic for 01/28/2021

Ref: Kozoaku (1) (2).

Comic for 01/29/2021

Ref: Kozoaku Imprisoned in the Scroll (1) and renamed (2) (3). Potential.

Comic for 02/19/2021

Quint suggests this sacrifice will give the Book of E-Vile "wants".

Comic for 02/24/2021

Random Ref.