Comic for 06/09/2020

Ref Link: Mr. Stiks | Basphomy | Obsidian Cage | Bast.| Random Krig Ref  | Another Random Krig Ref.
Side Note: Sluggy Freelance Book 11, The Holiday Wars, contains a bonus story entitled The Holiday Overlord's Edict that connects to Basphomy, Mr. Stiks, and the Obsidian Cage.

Comic for 06/12/2020

Ref: One, two, three.
There's a lot of names mentioned in this strip. Instead of linking to them all, or asking you to go back and study Chapter 65: Mohkadun (there won't be a quiz!) I'll say this.You DO NOT need to know all the characters and events referenced to follow the story and I'll try to provide more pertinent links on a case-by-case basis as the story unfolds. But Chapter 65 is at your fingertips should you like!

Comic for 08/25/2020


Comic for 08/28/2020

"Seen" Reference: Black Ops Elves [First] [Last] | Squishydodo [First] [Last] | Izzy [First] [Last] | Aylee [First] [Last].

Comic for 08/31/2020

Ref: Aylee's near-fatal attack (1) (2) | Aylee's health assessment (1) (2).

Comic for 09/18/2020

Ref: Lacey (first) (last) (one) (two) | N'aaaw (first) (last) | Poopy-Pants.
Sidenote: We've seen KZK's new truename as Poopypants, Poopy Pants, and Poopy-Pants. I'm nothing if not consistently inconsistent! But I'm going for "Poopy-Pants" from here on out.

Comic for 09/30/2020

Sam Flashback Panels Ref: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
More 'Sam' references in a comic or two.

Comic for 10/09/2020

Reference: Closet.

Comic for 10/20/2020

I double checked the archive just to be sure, and despite every time their paths might have crossed, Bun-bun and Frog have never met. Please let me know in the Reactions Forums if I messed that up because I’d RetCon that.

Comic for 10/22/2020

Ref: Sharon Gall [First] [Last (w/ Gwynn)] [last mentioned]
Basically we know little at this point of Gwynn & Sharon's relationship beyond that there is one.