Comic for 11/20/2023

Ref: Riff uses the Book.
Random Ref: Torg Magic | Pants.

Comic for 12/04/2023

Ref: "Long Story": 888888(1) | 888888(2) | 888888(3).

Comic for 12/21/2023

Ref: I kinda miss the Shoulder Angel/Devils and the Bar & Grill!

Comic for 12/26/2023

Ref: Shades.

Comic for 01/12/2024

Ref: Pumpkin.

Comic for 01/30/2024

Ref: Aylee's birth-date.
Unimportant facts and ref's: Bun-bun calls Kiki "tube-rat" (bet you knew that) and now calls Aylee "turtle-soup"! And the game Bun-bun, Kiki, and Aylee are playing is Pirates and Pantaloons, featured in the bROKEN Sluggy Freelance Book 9 bonus story "Revelation of the Skyllakraken" which can bee found in Book 9 page 38!

Comic for 02/22/2024

Not a ref, but a warning. Google 'scrapple' at your own risk. I grew up with it, and for the record, I'm an occasional fan, but I have no illusions....

Comic for 02/28/2024

Ref: There's a ton of refs I could dig up for tech and 'Safe houses' but I'll limit it to the mention of a job. Oh, and of course 'Kettlers of Satan'.

Comic for 03/28/2024

Ref: Bun-bun & Trevors (1) (2) | Diamonds.

Comic for 04/23/2024

Ref: Oceanus.

Comic for 04/26/2024

Ref: Noogy and the Flasher | Previously unnamed Flannery.

Head's-up repeat from the headline above the comic:This comic wraps "Monstrous - Shenanigans," the next part of "Monstrous" will hopefully start next week once I lock down scripts.

Comic for 05/02/2024

Meander Refs: First | w/Chilus | w/Zoe&Chaz | Freed | Last.

Comic for 05/06/2024

Ref: Meander's father and brother (in family photo) | Monster Hunter shirts | Oceanus (1) (2).

Comic for 06/11/2024

Ref: Renovations/Remodeling (1) (2). Once again, Seaside High (last panel).

Comic for 06/13/2024

I kinda feel bad for Nickelback.

Comic for 06/21/2024

"Zur-skritttchhtchhhhhhhhhhh" through the ages: 2000 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2014.

Comic for 07/10/2024

Ref: Stevie.

Comic for 07/15/2024

Ref:Jake and Dunk and Reno have been seen at the party in a few comics but I'd probably just reference the same strip as last comic.