Comic for 03/11/2013Comic for 03/11/2013Comic for 03/11/2013

REFERENCES (and there may be a lot this chapter!)...
Gwynn: First Appearance | Last Appearance (walking off in the first panel) (2009) |  Although not if you count the semi-canon awesome guest week "The Proof"!
Aylee: First Appearance | First Appearance in current form | Last Appearance (with nose!) (2010)
Lacey (who has never been seen with Gwynn or mentioned as a friend of Gwynn previously): First Appearance | Last Appearance (demon lacewing form) (2008)
Reference to the Cult of K'Z'K (via Lacey) will be more indepth soon but I am trying to keep these reference links limited to pertinence to current events.

Comic for 03/13/2013Comic for 03/13/2013Comic for 03/13/2013

Ref: Everything you need to know about the Cult of Kizke at the moment is summed up in this strip. BUT if you'd like to dig deeper, the following strips offer more: Aftermath of Chapter 46 Living Conditions: 28 Geeks Later (1)&(2)| Aftermath of Chapter 56 (3)-(4)-(5). And I suppose there's even more here...(6) and other stuff too.

Comic for 03/14/2013Comic for 03/14/2013

Ref: the spider in the last panel might be going 'whu-oh' because of this!

Comic for 03/20/2013Comic for 03/20/2013

Ref: Kron (1) | (2 (almost the same as 1))

Comic for 03/22/2013

Normally when I pull one of these emergency fillers it’s because someone (probably me) came down with some uber-flu or something. This time it’s good old-fashioned out-of-time burn-out! And to think I spent the last month working two days ahead! Well, I lost my lead, and this story requires so much work and planning. Especially the next strip, as originally conceived.  And today I got no sleep, so my creativity-engine won’t turn over. Hopefully I can get things cookin’ again over the weekend and come roaring back Monday!


Also, yes, around here, even Emergnecy Filler Art has a Ref: (1) (2) (3).

Comic for 03/23/2013

My daughter's a teenager! (As of 3/21/2013)
(I'm going to run and hide now.)
plus how old do we all feel? :)

She sketched this picture of chibi-her as evil-birthday-overlord just now.

Comic for 04/03/2013

Unimportant sidenote: At least I only break out the 'testy' pun every 6 years or so!

Comic for 04/26/2013Comic for 04/26/2013

I'm not sure the last time we've seen some of these characters, but I think this was the last time we saw ZHOAS!

Comic for 05/14/2013Comic for 05/14/2013

For all you super-spec'ers out there I want to note that despite the fact that there is a similarity between Riff's Dad and this character in today’s comic, it is NOT the same character. (I put this out here as a just-in-case, because I noted the similarity).

Comic for 05/16/2013

The original last line was written "He sort-a loves me, but Mohkadun is his Minecraft," but I realized mixing mining and archeology for someone who doesn’t know what Minecraft is could be confusing!

Comic for 05/26/2013Comic for 05/26/2013Comic for 05/26/2013Comic for 05/26/2013

For the record Zombie Head on a Stick in the last panel is attempting to say "Fuuuuun" in a sarcastic voice. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

-The Management

Comic for 06/10/2013Comic for 06/10/2013Comic for 06/10/2013

Ref: Agent Whisper First Appearance (panel 3).

Comic for 06/12/2013Comic for 06/12/2013

I found this script-conundrum interesting! Panel 4, balloon 3. Should it be:
1) “His last word was ‘boobs.’  He’d like that.”
2) “His last words were ‘boobs.’  He’d like that.”
3) “His last word(s) were (was) ‘boobs.’  He’d like that.”
The problem is people have ‘last words’, not ‘a last word’ but Sam’s ‘last words’ were(was), in fact, A WORD. So #1 seems most grammatically accurate, yet #2 captures the feeling of the statement best. And #3 was just in my original script as I tried to walk the line between #1 and #2. And I am amused a little bit as #2 works a little better than it might purely because boobs are plural.  *shrug*

Comic for 06/25/2013Comic for 06/25/2013

Ref: Knives through Aylee's throat.

NOTE: I've updated this strip to show Kiki perched (somewhat precariously) on Aylee's wing. It was in the original script but I goofed. You may need to refresh to see it.

Comic for 06/26/2013Comic for 06/26/2013Comic for 06/26/2013

Ref: Bjorkea.

Comic for 06/27/2013Comic for 06/27/2013Comic for 06/27/2013

Ref: Qaboos.

Comic for 07/01/2013

Sorry for this emergency filler. You can yell at me in the Reactions Forums. :(

Comic for 07/12/2013Comic for 07/12/2013Comic for 07/12/2013

Ref: A week of 'Sparks'.

Comic for 07/14/2013

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Comic for 07/22/2013Comic for 07/22/2013

Warning: there is no assurance of quality for the next 14 days. You have been warned.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

| PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 |

Comic for 08/04/2013

Hey, it's not just Stick-Figure-Captin-Torg's birthday, it's also MY birthday! And what do I want for my birthday? The same thing I want every year, for you guys to become Defenders!!! Thanks so much in advance! Mohkadun continues tomorrow! And hopefully the new Sluggy Store will open too!


Comic for 08/06/2013Comic for 08/06/2013Comic for 08/06/2013

Info: poop deck.

Comic for 08/12/2013Comic for 08/12/2013

Amusing Ref: Zoë can overthink things.

Comic for 08/13/2013Comic for 08/13/2013

I know this was recent, but just in case, Ref: Vegitarian Inferno Chili.

Comic for 08/22/2013Comic for 08/22/2013

Ok-ok.  Let’s just say I’m exaggerating the survivability of that explosion for humor sake.

Comic for 08/24/2013

Leah Abrams (age 13) Oasis on scratchboard.

Comic for 08/25/2013

Currently any animated gif comics have not been resized for the new archive due to it breaking the animation.

(0)|(1)|(2)|(3)|(4)|(5)|(6)|(7)|(8)|(9)|(10)|(11)|(12)|(13)|(14)| (15)
Happy Sluggy Freelance's Sweet Sixteenth!

Comic for 09/05/2013

Last Panel Ref: ... yeah, I'll ref it for tomorrow's comic. ;)

Comic for 09/09/2013Comic for 09/09/2013Comic for 09/09/2013Comic for 09/09/2013

Ref:  Unimportant- Asahn | The Pyramids.
We'll get to Gwynn and the pyramids tomorrow.

Comic for 09/30/2013Comic for 09/30/2013Comic for 09/30/2013

Ref: Perhaps this?

Also Head's-UP: New Comics Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays for this month and possibly the first half of next, and then back to weekday comics!

Comic for 10/07/2013Comic for 10/07/2013

Ref: This. And this.

Comic for 10/11/2013

It pains me on a M/W/F schedule to only do a single row strip, unfortunately the next few rows have to go together on Monday! See ya then!

Comic for 10/21/2013

red cross

As promised, here’s some art by my daughter Leah. This is a character she was working on this weekend and has no connection with Sluggy Freelance whatsoever. On the medical front, bad news, the cortisone injection does not seem to be doing the job on my drawing hand. It’s early to know for sure but it looks like surgery might be in my near future. Anywho hopefully new comics Wednesday Thursday and Friday this week!

Comic for 10/30/2013Comic for 10/30/2013

Random Refs: This first, this second, this third, this fourth.

Comic for 11/01/2013

Ref (from yesterday too): 'The Mortal Woman'...

Comic for 11/06/2013Comic for 11/06/2013

Instead of trying to Ref-link everything in panel 1, I'll just say we'll get to the follow up to this comic in the next two comics. And I'll note there seems to be serious bathroom issues going on  aboard this ship!

Oh and passing a note along from Grammar Gorilla "Grammar gorilla hate word ‘funnest’! Make me mad irregardless of you opinion!"

Comic for 11/15/2013

Ref: Bun-bun on Recon panel 1.

Comic for 11/22/2013