Comic for 12/21/2017

Oasis 'Drawings'/'Paintings'. (They're really all paintings. That lady who called them 'drawings' must have been on something!)
Also: Sharpening-Stick.

Comic for 12/27/2017

Ref: Mater-1 first seen | Musky5 first seen | Schlock wants Torg to see.

Comic for 12/29/2017

Ref: Torg's Megaphone.


Comic for 01/08/2018

Repeat Oasis Ref:  'Drawings'/'Paintings'. (They're really all paintings. That lady who called them 'drawings' must have been on something!)

Comic for 01/10/2018

Ref: Schlock Triangle (1) (2) (3) | Schlock's #3 feild test (1) (2) | Harbringer. | Kusari's Decision.

Comic for 01/12/2018

Ref for the last few comics: "Nosce te Ipsum".

Comic for 02/01/2018

XT-34 Ref (1) (2)

Comic for 02/02/2018

Ref: Fido I

Comic for 02/19/2018

Ref: Vampire Duel | Harbinger (4U City) (On Schlock's Screen Bottom Right).

A little side note on the Vampire Duel Ref:  you can see a little of the comic before it at the top of that comic ( and it almost looks like the comic is cut off. This is one of those things I need to manually go through and fix in the new archives. It’ the biggest thing left over from when the new system started. I will get to it, it has not been forgotten. There have just been a steady flow of other pressing things.

Comic for 02/23/2018

Congrats to the Sluggite who won a Death Cameo in the Once-Every-20-Years-Auctons we held last September! Death by sandwich-toothpicks! Snazzy way to go!

Comic for 02/27/2018

Probably Unimportant McKay Refs: Brother Space Station Agent McKay (not identified by name, panel 5) | Sister Agent McKay (mentioned, not seen) | Another McKay (1) (2).

Comic for 03/23/2018

Sidenote: So I remember back when I did Fire and Rain and, down the line, when rain has been an issue, I'd exclaim many times "whose stupid idea was it to set this entire story in a rainstorm?" Drawing rain is actually fun but eventually time consuming to have that effect in every panel. Now a'days I'm like "whose stupid idea was it to set this story around the exterior of a massive space station?" In this case it's because I suck at keeping the station architecture straight. I'm doing my best but it feels more like I'm drawing trees in a forest as a background. I try to keep the density of the forest consistent, but might not get each tree identical panel-to-panel. In this case, the airlock Torg and Zoë end up in is the same one Roberts was ejected from but eagle eye'd sluggites might notice the exterior shot of that airlock is different in different comics. That's my failings. But yes it's the same Airlock#01 from before.

Comic for 03/26/2018

Ref: "...more poppable than anything you ever made..." a version of Schlock DID make the XT-34, but the best handy ref link I have is a recap here.

Comic for 04/04/2018

The Many Names of Chaz.

Comic for 04/12/2018

"And what a long day it's been!" The "longest" day in Sluggy history started here.
McKay's sister's birthday refs (1) (2).

Comic for 04/20/2018

WARNING: do not click this link lest the images and sounds be burned into thine head as an unstoppable ear-worm... "All the single ladies...?"

Comic for 05/07/2018

Ref: Bun-bun Last Seen | "Razor Blades".
Congrats to Agent Anna who won a Death Cameo in the Once-Every-20-Years-Auctons we held last September!

Comic for 05/09/2018

Ref: (1) (2)

Comic for 05/11/2018

Ref: Crew names. (Yeah, a pretty lame gag, worked out better in my head! ;) )

Comic for 05/15/2018

Congrats to Captain Steve, yet another Sluggite who won a Death Cameo in the Once-Every-20-Years-Auctons we held last September! 

Comic for 05/17/2018

Ref: Burned (this seems to keep coming up a lot, but I feel it's just ref-diligence).

Comic for 05/29/2018

Ref: Decoys (1) (2) | Bold | Scared ("when we were attacked").

Comic for 06/12/2018

Ref: e.m.p. (1) (2) | Bacon Tech | Remote.

Comic for 06/19/2018

Random Ref. Another Random Ref. Also I totally reused the Musky-5 art. I'm so ashamed! But I wanted you to all know I tried drawing new Musky art for the Musky-6 and it came out TERBUL!

Comic for 06/29/2018

Ref: 'Dibs' guy (1) (2). Cappy-Bo (1) (2).

Comic for 07/04/2018

DURN IT! GLOVES! Torg and Riff both have gloves on but time and time again I keep drawing them without gloves! I've been catching it and fixing it a lot behind the scenes, and I remembered in today's comic but screwed up the last few. I'll fix them as soon as the next book is off to the printers!

Comic for 07/25/2018

Ref: A toast.

Comic for 07/30/2018

Welcome guest artist Leah Abrams!!! She finished the art a loooooooooooong time ago! She finished the colors 6 months ago. And it's finally here. Two weeks of strips that finish the series.

Justine Kasich Goes Terribly Wrong

Rutger O'Supp Must Come Down

Anne Nihilated with Nukes

And now... at long last...

 Vo-Scho-Techlly-Tech THE CULINARY WAR

This story continues from here.

Comic for 08/10/2018


Comic for 08/13/2018

I apologize for nothing.

Ref:  Clong | Wake.

Comic for 08/21/2018

Ref: Daiyu | Bucket.

Comic for 08/23/2018

Ref: Fire | In to Space (1) (2) | Rammer | "Their File" | DNA Mission.

Comic for 08/24/2018

Ref: Berk | Copy.

Comic for 08/25/2018


So THIS is why I had to push myself to do 6 comics in a row. The animated strip HAD to land here as opposed to 1, 2, or 3 strips ago!

(0)|(1)|(2)|(3)|(4)|(5)|(6)|(7)|(8)|(9)|(10)|(11)|(12)|(13)|(14)|(15)|(16)|(17)|(18)|(19)| (20)

Comic for 08/31/2018

Ref: 'Prove' (Envy) | 2 Clones Down | 1 Clone Down.

Comic for 09/03/2018

Ref: Wow, only three search results for "biyu tentacle"! I thought there'd be more!

Comic for 09/12/2018

Ref: Silver Awl (1) (2).

Comic for 09/26/2018

Ref: Bun-bun's Space Pirates
(first seen) (last seen).

Comic for 10/08/2018

Ref: Beep 1 | Beep 2.

Comic for 10/17/2018

Ref: "Silver Awl" | "Mater-2".

Comic for 11/02/2018

Refs: [A] [B].

Comic for 11/09/2018

Ref: Cappy Bo last seen, last mentioned.

Comic for 11/15/2018

Ref: Hereti-Corp First Mentioned | First Seen (lurking in the background)...

Comic for 12/07/2018

The following refs involve MAJOR 4U City spoilers. You should go read it, if you haven't, before following links.
The Complete 4U City:
758449 | A 4U City Christmas | 4U City Green | 4U City Blue | 4U City Red.

This Comic's 4U related Ref Links:
"Pull the plug" | The Chamber | The Chamber is Hardwired | A.I. in the Chamber | Plug Pulled.

And Regular Ol' Ref: Izzy last seen  | Gwynn Staying.